About Us

 Bath Glove Production is our Job and Strength

Üstün Textile was founded by Mehmet Üstün in 1958. While the mill dealt with the production of silk fabric since its foundation, it started to produce bath gloves from silk fabric towards mid-1960s. Bath gloves were used in two ways then. Those woven with a thick material made of goat hair and wool (like those used in Yuruk tents) used by rubbers at public baths or those made of silk fabric in simple glove form.

Being quite knowledgeable about the techniques and qualities of tram silk and floss fabric, Mr. Üstün focused on the bath glove concept and started to mass produce bath gloves since 1967 under trademark ‘Kelebek Keseleri’. When his two sons grew older and got control of the business, Üstün Textile grew as well and Mehmet Üstün retired from business in 1980. Since then, Sıtkı Üstün has continued focusing on modern trademarks and innovations by staying loyal to the deep-rooted traditions of Üstün Textile.

In 1985, Üstün Textile started its export activities with the USA and it expanded to the Middle Eastern countries, Russia, Japan, Australia and European countries. Üstün Textile gives special efforts to be able to get a greater amount of share in the European and the USA markets with its new CONCEPT trademarks.

As of 2012, it serves as a corporate company under name “Üstün Dokuma Çözgü Tekstil Kozmetik İth İhr. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. It has entered into the world markets in a fast and reliable manner with its several modern trademarks such as Beauty Glove, Silky Touch, Dualpeeling and Baby FunTime. Special design and utility models of each trademark are patent-protected. All these help the company continue its bath glove production activities in a safe manner free from the risk for counterfeits.

Üstün Textile has expanded its product portfolio with special touch and customized color features in Beauty Glove trademark, using unique fabric thickness and designs without compromising from the core features of a bath glove.

With their unique design in form of a hand, Silky Touch products will make you forget everything you know about bath gloves.

Dualpeeling Trademark is specially designed as a 2 in 1 product consisting of peeling glove and a soap glove. Dualpeeling Trademark has utility model and design patents. The products have already become one of the essentials of our valuable consumers.

Üstün Textile cares about the delicate skin of our babies and children, as well. Under its brand Baby FunTime, the company keeps producing soap gloves made of 100% cotton in patent-protected designs, which are one of a kind in Turkey.

We do our best to improve ourselves to serve you better.

Yours sincerely,