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Since 1958, Üstün Textile has been producing bath gloves from silk and floss woven fabric. We improve our product quality and efficiency with continuous development activities. We sell tens of products under 6 trademarks inland and abroad. We directly contribute the economy of the county by exporting to 17 countries in the world. All of our products are patent protected by utility model, package design and design copyrights. Enjoy your bath with our products. We wish you good health.


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Silky Touch Bath Glove

Silky Touch is specially designed to offer you a unique peeling experience in bath. Quality, resistance, durability and ease of use were prioritized in all stages from designing to production. And now they are offered with their brand new and unique patented design.


Beauty Glove Bath Glove

Beauty Bath Glove is used for the peeling and regeneration of the sensitive and delicate skin. The glove’s fabric is made of natural floss fibers by a special weaving technique to offer you a comfortable peeling experience.


Dual Peeling Glove and Soap Glove

One of a kind in the world. Peeling and Soap Glove in one. One side of the product is made of 100% floss fibers and the other side is used for the application of soap. The product aims to offer you a wonderful bath experience. You can use the peeling side to get rid of all your dirt, then the soap side to deeply clean your skin. It is suitable for frequent use by all your family members. We hope you will like the Dual Peeling Glove.


Fun Time Kids Soap Glove

The soap glove is made of 100% cotton and shaped with silk velvet and embroidery to turn the bath time into a fun time for your children from 0 to 8 years old.


Dual Peeling Soap Glove

Dual Peeling Bath Glove is made of 100% polyester to offer you a unique bath experience. It ensures perfect function with its wonderful foaming feature. You should definitely try it.


Devran Develi Bath Glove

Devran Develi bath gloves set a sample for the original Bursa bath glove produced by the same weaving, warp and weft methods and techniques for long years.


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“I have peeling regularly. Tried other trademarks as well, but this is really different. I have an oily skin and I can say that this product deserves its money. It has a special silk glove for the face, which I recommend. I also use the soap glove. It feels wonderful after peeling.”

Süslü Sözlük

“I didn’t have enough knowledge about peeling, indeed. I tried the product after reading the recommendations here. The result? Wonderful. I was amazed to see all those dead skin cells. And the feeling of comfort at the end is beyond words."

Yasemin A.
Süslü Sözlük
Kese Burada  
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